About GCUC Membership

GCUC Membership Includes

  • Access to past GCUC presentations from conference
  • Videos produced by GCUC global
  • Business templates and documents
  • Access to industry forums and a job board
  • Exclusive access to GCUC deals and discounts
  • Access to industry directories
  • Discounted registration at GCUC events
  • Ability to purchase HR services

Someone said HR Services?

As we are a part of that 94% (a small business ourselves) we know that access to benefits is one of the major hurdles for coworking spaces and their members. GCUC believes that HR services shouldn’t be tied to your job, they should be available to all We have partnered with Trinet to provide services GLOBALLY to GCUC members. Trinet is leading the benefit solutions train and we are inviting GCUC members on board. GCUC members are eligible for more than 50% savings on the amenities and benefits that Trinet provides. We are talking health care, HR services and help with Visas and international business expansion. As our industry grows, we need to grow up and offer more to our employees and our members.

Todays amenities are tomorrow’s standards. The HR services available to GCUC members also extends to our members, members. Through our partnership with Trinet we are able to help curate benefits you can offer to your own community. Providing HR services is a a great way to make your membership ‘sticky’ – if and when people need to leave your community they can opt into a virtual membership to keep their benefits with you. Win, Win.

If you have questions you want answered prior to diving into your GCUC membership about HR services specifically simply email [email protected]be sure to reference GCUC. If you have questions about GCUC membership email [email protected].

What is included with the GCUC HR offerings?

  • Healthcare

    Our health care plans provide coverage to any size company from freelancers to corporations. These plans are inclusive- we are talking vision, dental, medical, life and even pet insurance people.

  • Payroll and Taxes

    TriNet also includes payroll and taxes services so you can take those headache off of your plate.

  • HR Support

    Trinet’s has HR professionals that are there to support and guidance you through all of your business needs. Got questions- fire away.

  • Risk Management

    TriNet’s HR risk management abilities help ensure that your business is always in compliance, in any state. Reduce your risk as an employer and as a business.

  • Worker’s Comp

    Protect your employees and your business when work-related injuries happen. Your employees get treatment quickly, and with no need to prove the employer at fault, lawsuits against employers are reduced. Win. Win.

Sound Great? Good. Who can enroll?

These benefits are only available to GCUC members and those companies within a GCUC members space. If you have questions about HR services you don’t have to buy a membership first, you can email your HR questions to [email protected] and make sure you mention GCUC.

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected]