• I have questions about about the HR and healthcare, can I talk to someone before signing up?

    Sure- email [email protected] – Be sure to mention that you’re exploring the offerings from GCUC

  • When will GCUC Membership be in other languages?

    Soon-we are working on it, and will update the GCUC community as soon as it is complete.

  • Why isn't GCUC China included?

    GCUC China is getting their own stand-alone GCUC membership site that better fits their economy and needs.

  • How do I provide a discount?

    Simple! Email [email protected] with your offer and someone will contact you.

  • Is GCUC an association?


  • What comes with a GCUC Membership?

    • Access to past GCUC presentations from conference
    • Videos produced by GCUC global
    • Business templates and documents
    • Access to industry forums and a job board
    • Exclusive access to GCUC deals and discounts
    • Access to industry directories
    • Discounted registration at GCUC events
    • Ability to purchase HR services

    We are constantly adding and pivoting so feel free to check back!

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    As long as you are within your cancelation period it is as easy as clicking visiting your Account section, selecting “Subscriptions” and cancelling your subscription. If you are outside the window, you will get an email for us and will continue to be charged until your contract is up.

  • How long is my membership good for?

    Memberships are recurring: 1 month or 1 year depending on the option you selected during checkout.

  • Does it matter where I am located?

    Nope- GCUC membership is global.

  • Can multiple people share a membership?

    Nope. If you have multiple locations under the same company then yes, but if you are 2 separate businesses, the answer is no.

  • I want more info about the HR and health care discounts before I signup, where can I get that?

    Answers to HR and Healthcare discounts can be viewed on our About page.

  • When do I get my GCUC ticket discount?

    We will send out codes to members when we release tickets for each event. Stand by.

  • What constitutes a "Partner"?

    If you are signed up as a vendor or consultant-you can be listed on the partner page. If you are signed up as an individual or space operator, you do not qualify.

Have a question that wasn’t answered? Email us at [email protected].